Thank-a-GI for your prosperity.

The foundation for individual prosperity is freedom and liberty. The reason the United States of America became the most prosperous nation on earth is because the citizens live with freedom and liberty. Freedom is the privilege to live in a country that allows every individual to practice liberty. Liberty allows each individual to use their skills, talents, creativity, and hard work to determine the outcome of their life. This freedom and liberty was not and is not without cost. This freedom and liberty has been paid for by the service, sacrifice and efforts of every individual that has ever served in the military service of the United States of America. Everyone that has put on a uniform and taken an oath to protect and defend this great nation has put their life on the line so that its citizens could live in a free world with liberty and to prosper.

GIs are a select and loyal group of individuals that are dedicated to service. They share a code of camaraderie and fellowship and will readily support those that support them. Now you can show your appreciation and support for their service by becoming a member of For less than seventeen cents ($0.17) a day you can become a member and;

1. Thank those that have served, sacrificed, suffered and placed their lives on the line and allowed you to live with freedom, liberty and prosperity.

2. Store your company and contact information in our database to be used by our internal search engine. Information displayed during a search will provide a link to your website and email.

3. A 250 character text box that you can edit as often as you desire to advertise specials, place an image (photo, logo etc) or other information.


Remember our Veterans

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